I D X = Identity in Christ.

The Student Ministry of Intown is called IDX, and is made up of the Junior High (7th-8th grades) and the Senior High (9th-12th grades).

We get “I.D.” from the common term used when someone of the official nature asks to see your “I.D.”; they are asking for your identification, something to tell them that you are who you say you are. We get “X” because one of the Greek letters for Christ is “Chi”, and when written, resembles an ‘X’.

At IDX, everything we do is centered on and because of Christ. We want to identify ourselves with Him, because we believe that He first identified with us by walking the Earth as one of us.  Our lives are riddled with times of great joy, but also times of great pain and hurt. Our IDX family wants to walk that life together, no matter which way it is currently going. We want encourage a relationship with Christ by building relationships with students.

And the fact that Jesus Christ was willing to walk our lives with and for us, so that we could relate to Him doesn’t just mean something…it means everything. We are called to Restore, Rebuild, and Renew God’s Kingdom through our Hearts, our Family, and our City.

What does IDX Sunday morning look like?

Our Sunday morning is called “Unplugged” for a reason. We catch up from the week, hang out, and hope to learn something new. We have donuts ($.50), coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available as everyone (7th-12th grades) walk in, and by 9:45 we have split into our teaching time. See specific times on our Schedule page.

What does IDX Sunday Night look like?

Our Sunday nights are called “The Loft”, because that’s what our Youth room looks like (we’re creative, we know). It’s an awesome time where we come together to get exactly what each of our groups need, focused time talking about God in a way that we understand, and lots of freedom to ask questions for the things we don’t. See specific times on our Schedule page.

Our Jr. & Sr. High meets at different times so we can make sure to focus on the specific needs each age group has. But each has a time of games/hangout followed by worship, teaching, and then our favorite thing…small groups.

What does small group look like?

Small groups are the main life lines of IDX ministry. If you want to feel connected, this is the way to do it! If you want to feel well cared for, this is the part you can’t miss! Our groups are divided up by grade and gender (for the most part). Both Jr. and Sr. High small groups end our nightly sessions at The Loft because we want to make sure everyone has a chance to talk about the teaching for the night. As you age, you age with your group too! So by time you are graduating and headed to college, the hope is that you have spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally grown up with the same group of people you started with. At IDX, we are all about relationships, and nothing lets us show that off more than our small groups.

Meet Our Team!

How do I get my questions answered
and more information about IDX?

Contact our Director of Student Ministries, Rebecca Heck at rebecca@intown.org. You can also call the Intown Church office at (404) 633-8077 to reach us by phone. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!