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 IDX Parents — WE NEED YOU!

We need your help to build a ministry that can provide a place where your students and their friends feel welcomed, safe and taken care of. And the only way that can happen is if we work together.

Below are areas you can be involved in. Please contact Becca ( or Alex ( to talk with us about joining us in serving your students!

Low maintenance support (great for behind-the-scenes personalities & overly committed people)

  • Driving for events (even the late-night ones!)
  • Sunday Morning Donuts (you just run by Dunkin’ Donuts before church and drop it off w/a receipt so we can reimburse you!)

High maintenance support (great for people with good organizational skills and can maybe commit to helping maybe once a month)

  • Fundraisers for mission trips, Café items, Youth Loft furniture, etc.
  • Café cleaning, IDX Family Night help, hosting parent forums/student events at your home, etc.

Time-consuming, deeper relational support (great for everyone and highly needed!)

  • Small Group Leader – leading a weekly group, intentionally pursuing students Monday-Saturday, a heart for pouring into students as an older, wiser friend/mentor. (Talk to Becca if interested.)
  • Small Group Stand-Ins – If a leader is out of town, or has an emergency, you would be willing to take their group and either lead them through a discussion, share your testimony or take them to Bruster’s to hang out. It would quite possibly be a last-minute phone call.
  • Small Group Leader mentors – You’d intentionally be getting to know your student’s leaders. Knowing more about their lives than just their first name and that they work with your student. We know you’re busy, so we’re not asking that you have a daily contact with your student’s leader. Instead we’re asking you for 3:1 ratio, 3 parents, pouring into the life of 1 leader. Whether that is an email, a conversation in the lobby, a coffee date, or you take them out to dinner. Just some sort of contact giving each leader a huge burst of support, knowing you see them as a part of your student’s life.
  • Service Opportunities w/Students – Tutoring twice a month in Clarkson with students.

If you want to get involved, PLEASE fill out the contact form below with your contact information and specify areas of interest. You will be contacted by Becca or Alex as soon as possible to get more information.