This year, a group of IDX parents (we’re the ones who signed up to help with event planning last fall!) are organizing the dinner to recognize the volunteers who work with our kids in IDX, and show them our appreciation for all the time, energy, and love they pour into our children.

The dinner will be held Sunday, May 15th, from 6pm to 8pm in the youth loftALL parents and students are invited to come!  It will be a fun evening of fellowship and food, with time to show our appreciation for the volunteers.

How can you help?  Two ways!

  1. Sign up to bring some food to share and RSVP! It will be a Mexican theme for the food, so we’ve organized a sign-up to make sure we have plenty of what we need for the evening.  Just follow this link, and sign up to bring something.  There is also a place on the sign-up for your RSVP, and to help with clean-up.

Click this link to sign up:   IDX Volunteer Appreciation Party

  1. Donate to the group gift! There will be a group gift for the volunteers – we had Tervis tumblers custom-made with the IDX logo on them! To cover the cost for these, we need everyone to donate $5 for each IDX student in your family through the following link:    Please click here to donate.

(Of course, if you’d like to do more than this for your student’s leader(s), you are welcome to do that! I know that in the past, some people have given their leaders gift cards, and I’m certain they are appreciated.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, Tricia Agan, at, or on my cell, 314-536-4424.

Thank you all so much! We’re looking forward to coming together with you all to celebrate our volunteers – what a blessing to have other adults who come alongside our youth to teach and model the Gospel in their lives!

Tricia Agan
with Melanie Stockwell, Paige Rohrer, Denise Elam, Jeanie Carr, Fran Clowse, Marcy McKean, Amy Garcia, Liz Carroll, Kelly Kirkland