Forge | THE EDGE – JR. HIGH | Breakaway – Sr. High

What: The EDGE Conference is a day conference built strictly for our Jr. High students. Located at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, each day of this summer conference is full of fun, excitement, and even a day of white water rafting! The whole conference is built around your students getting to know their leaders, friends, and Jesus better. We’ll have incredible music, great speakers, amazing games, and wonderful times with our leaders!

Why: We believe that junior high is a critical life stage where big decisions are made, especially when it comes to their faith. The EDGE is a great way for our students to come together for 5 fun-packed days and get to know some of their small group leaders, some older students, as well as each other better! This trip sets your students up to have an AWESOME FALL WITH IDX!

Who: If you are a current 6th and 7th grader, this is for YOU!

Parent note* I know this can be a scary time for parents of our younger students, but know that your student will never be left by themselves, and sending them off to camp helps them to makes better friends and feel more included once Youth Group gets into full swing in the FALL!

When: June 24-28, 2017

Where: The EDGE takes place at Covenant College, atop Lookout Mountain, GA. We’ll be staying in their dorms rooms, and eating at Covenant’s gorgeous cafeteria (seriously it looks like a mountain lodge).

How Much: $300 per person