FORGE | The Edge – Jr. High | Breakaway – Sr. High


verb (used with object), forged, forging.
1. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort: to forge a friendship through mutual trust.
FORGE: A WINTER RETREAT.  Originally it was started because we wanted our students to have an opportunity to know each other on a deeper level; to understand that they were forged together purposefully by and for God, and with each other (Ezk. 37). 
Now in its 3rd year, FORGE has solidified itself in our annual schedule. It’s a time to pull away from our “normal” crazyness of homework, projects, practice, clubs, jobs, and everything else. It’s a time of building new friendships and remembering our old ones. It’s a time of no phones (they don’t work great on the mountain), no strict schedule, and no confusing voices. Just one weekend with our friends, talking about God and how He forged us together as His children.

Roads. Paths. Routes. Trails. Yellow brick roads.  Which one do you choose? How will do know? Is there a guidebook for this type of thing? How do you make decisions for your life that are good? What if you make the wrong choice? What if you want to change your mind? 

We constantly have to make decisions in our life, but living a life for God means that our decisions are meant to glorify Him. So, how does that work?

In Genesis 16 we encounter the story of 3 family members, Abram, Sarai, and Hagar. Their family is a strange one, yet destined and promised to be blessed. Each had a road to walk and chose different ways to walk it. We do the same thing now. With every choice we make we end up on a new part of our path.  How we make one choice directly impacts the one we make after that. But with all these choices it’s easy to get mixed up, to get lost, to get frustrated, and to just…want out.

But just like in the story of the family we have a way to get clarity, to get found, to find reason, and to want in on the blessing.

So…where have you come from?  And where are you going? 
– Friday Feb. 13th thru Sunday Feb. 15th
– Register before Feb. 9th = $85
– Register after Feb. 9th = $100
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