Written by Becca Heck, Youth Director.

Read: 1 Peter 2:9-10

At the beginning of this semester we started a teaching series called “Keep Calm and Behold Him”. It was centered around one question, “Who am I?”; with the point of each night to remind us that our identity comes from Christ, but the only way to believe, struggle, and find that answer is to constantly Behold Him.

As we end that series, and come to Christmas morning in a few short hours, it’s time for another question…”Where do I belong?”
In the whole perspective of the world, in the time line of our lives…what is our role? Are we important? What is our place?

Where do we belong?

I know where we use to belong. In the beginning we belonged with God. Our place on the totem pole was high. Adam and Eve’s first part of life showed us that. They walked with God. They talked with God. If they had a question, they need only ask and God gave them a full answer…to their faces. They never had to wonder if they thought they were hearing God clearly…they knew HIM! He spoke audibly and directly to them. Our place was meant to be there, in the garden. Our place was High. We got to chill and hang out with God. He knew our heart and we knew His.

We were High, but then we weren’t.
We lost our spot. We lost our role. We were high, but then we became low. We were living in the light, but then stepped into the darkness. Sin entered the world, and with it our new identity of sinner.

And this is where the real Christmas miracle shows up…

Jesus’ birth was the beginning of us moving back to the High position we were meant for. Jesus’ birth wasn’t only a miracle because of His birth from a virgin…but because His birth brought Him low. Not only did He come low – He became low…to be with us…for us.  EMMANUEL! GOD WITH US! This is why we call Him that, because He came to be with us!

Why? To make us higher than we are, to make us right with God…to give us something that we could never have gotten for ourselves. 1 Peter 2:9-10 calls believers of this miracle “chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God,” that we’re called “out of darkness into HIS wonderful light.” (emphasis mine). Vs. 10 continues to say, ” Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God…”

We were low. But the fact that Christ came to us in our lowness, is the miracle. We were not God’s people, meaning we were NOTHING. But God made us into His people, meaning He gave us EVERYTHING. Low to High. Dark to Light. He takes our place and we take His. He became darkness and we became light – THE ULTIMATE GIFT EXCHANGE!

This is Christmas! This is what we celebrate! This is what we REST in ! This is the Gospel present! This is the GREATEST MIRACLE OF ALL! That Jesus saw us in our worst, stooped down to take it on himself, so that we may have the BEST.

The best gifts are the ones you never realized you needed, but the one who LOVES you the most knew you had to have.

Rest in His mercy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!