Luke 3:1-6
John preached of change. Change is coming…God is coming; he is renewing things, prepare!
People want change; as much as we fear it, hate it at times, we do want it. We see that this
world is messed up. Things aren’t the way they are meant to be. People are not meant to be
homeless or hungry or oppressed. I am not meant to be insecure or judgmental.
The Jews were expecting change in the form of a mighty military leader coming to crush their
enemies. But Jesus was something entirely different. Jesus came speaking of a kingdom much
different from Rome. His kingdom is for all people and is being established here on earth. His
kingdom is one of restoration and true peace.
Isaiah 40:5 points to this coming hope of restoration: “Then the glory of the Lord shall be
revealed, and all people shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” None will
be able to deny that the Lord is the king of all.
I long for this moment when all will be made right.
Father, this world is not the way it was meant to be. Show me how I can be part of your
restoration of the world around me today. Amen.

Written by:
Christy LaLonde, administrative coordinator, Newbigin House of Studies; 2012 Newbigin fellow