Read: Exodus 14:21-29, Philippians 1:9-11

In Advent … we wait.

God had promised His kids something. He had promised them a future. He had promised them a new land to restart their lives. He had promised them a do-over, and we don’t get many of those in life.

In Exodus 14, we get an up close shot of one of the most dramatic, climatic moments of history.   The Egyptians are running after the Israelites, moments after they had been freed, they were on the run.  In one giant moment, they were slaves, than free, and then runaways. And God, in knowing what He promised, provided a spectacular escape plan…He parted the Red Sea. He made the bottom of the ocean dry so they could walk across it, so the wagons could make the trip in one piece. God provided for them, and even went a step further and allowed the Egyptians to be slowed in their race, and then ultimately to drown in the middle of the ocean.

God did that. He took care of His children. He promised them a new life, and He made it happen.

The thing is, we don’t always like how God makes decisions. We don’t always understand the way He answers prayers, or why some things happen the way they do. We don’t understand why He takes family members to Heaven while they are young. We don’t understand why hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes get to dictate the next years of a person’s life as they try and recover. We don’t always understand Him, and yet the Advent season calls us to be still, to wait, to long for something more.

Exodus 14:14 is one of my favorite verses, it simply says, “Be still, and the Lord will fight for you.”

This statement made by Moses was true. Is true. Has been true. And yet, we all get tired of waiting. Phil 1:9-11 calls us into a deeper knowledge of God. A deeper understanding of His ways, of His love, of His character and of His heart. As we wait, we are called to dig. To ask questions, to reach out and be an active part of the relationship He calls us into.

So let me ask you some questions:
Are you tired of waiting for God to show up and fight?

Do you feel like you’ve been waiting way too long?

Do we believe that God will do what He has always done?

Do we believe in the power of God to do what he has always done, yet again?

In the words of Fr. Stewart Ruch III at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, IL, “It is good to look to the past, to see what God has done, and to ask for the same in the future.”

As we wait, long, and even pray and beg for answers, will we believe in the same God who has done immeasurably more than we could ever repay Him for, to show up once again for His kids?  Will we believe that He will once again fight for us?

The answers to our prayers aren’t always what we want, or can even understand sometimes, and yet…we wait.

Prayer: Father in Heaven, we do not always understand you. There are days when you are the furthest thing from our minds and we ask forgiveness for that. We admit that we try and solve our own problems, we admit that we don’t trust You to fight for us. We admit, that we don’t always wait well. Lord, in this season of Advent, as we prepare to celebrate everything You are, and everything You’ve done for us, we ask for Your heart to be opened to us. In times when we have no answers, in times we don’t want to be still, remind us of what You have already done. Remind us how You have already saved us. Remind us of Your goodness, when all we see is pain, ache, fear, and hurt. Remind us Lord, that you will fight for us. Be our Peace God, Be our Peace. Amen