Read: Phil. 1:3-8

Advent is about Celebrating, but also Waiting.

We celebrate that God has already loved us and sent His Son Jesus Christ to live a perfect life and die a perfect death. But we also wait, not only to celebrate on Christmas Day, but we wait for Christ’s 2nd coming. When all will be well, all will be restored, all will be renewed. Advent is a time for waiting. A time for longing for something that fits us more and better than what we currently have.

On this side of life, we wait.
We wait for vacation. We wait for news from the doctor’s office. We wait for a break in school. We wait for a break from our parents. We wait for family members to have new babies. We wait for our dream life to become a reality. We wait for our side of grass to look just as green as the other side’s (there’s has been green long enough!)  We are always waiting for something on this side of life.

And now, after a long break for Thanksgiving, we wait again.  We wait for our next break in the routine…CHRISTMAS! (only 23 days away!)
I wait to go home and celebrate 40+ years of my family’s Christmas traditions. The excitement I get at buying and wrapping presents. Of forcing my siblings to watch cheesy Christmas movies with me. I wait for the joy of cramming close to 30 people into a small-town Indiana house. And I wait for the quiet conversations my siblings and I have each night around the lit up Christmas tree. After the parents have gone to sleep, and we sit next to the fire place and the lights twinkle us to sleep.

What are you waiting for?

As Christians, we learn to wait. We wait for God’s will to change our circumstances. We wait for His protecting love to work out our hard or awkward situations. And we wait for that unknowing moment, when Jesus comes back again, and wipes away every tear. When HE cures every ailment. When all things PRAISE HIM, when the whole Earth looks as though it was brand spankin’ new…because HE has come back to make it so.  We wait with anticipation, with anxiety, with fear, and with adventurous expectation of HIS Glory.

It is Advent…and we wait.

Prayer: Abba, thank you for the waiting when we don’t want too. Thank you for the life you allow us to live while we do wait. For the love we get to experience, the family we get to test the love with, and the times of quiet love we get to experience with you.  Make us into faithful waiters God. Servants who work the fields while we wait for harvest time. Thank you for promising your return, that one day you will wipe every tear, every pain, and every worry away.  Thank you for the promise that even now, we have nothing to fear, for You have already won. As we wait, be gracious to us, and may you come soon.  Amen